Thursday, March 18, 2004


Only one person I know has volunteered to help me with my cleaning project for my family in need on Saturday, and it is a maybe at best for her. I have a feeling that I might end up being the only one to show up and help with this issue. But, that is alright because I know that this is the direction God is guiding me in. This whole experience has been such a blessing all around. I have to organize some tools I will need, and prepare for the possibility of being a loner on this one. God is so good. As for other things in my life, well, they all seem to be falling into place since I starting really just focusing on God and His path. It feels really good. I had a dream last night that I walked in to my room and Shad was kneeling down, praying.

India has been more and more on my mind these days. I am not sure I am the right one to go. I want to, but then I wonder if it is for the right reasons. I know I want to help, but then, there is this fear inside that tells me I might be trying to follow my plan and not God's. Perhaps I am to help others get to go, and that is to be my involvement only. I need to pray about this a lot more. I miss Susie. I wonder what she is doing this Saturday??? :)

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