Saturday, March 20, 2004

All in His name

We went, we smelled, and we conquered. I was filled with many different emotions as we were taking garbage bag, after garbage bag out of the dim, stench filled trailer that had been called home to a beautiful six year old and her drug addicted mother. At times, I had to just bite my tongue and remember that this is God's agenda, and He is in control of the situation. It is hard to believe that this little girl is just one of millions who live this way. Luckily this girl, for now, doesn't have to live in filth anymore. But what happens now? I can't help but feel like there must be more I could do.

What happens when this mother tries to take her child to another filth hole? I know, it is not up to me to fix this, yet I long to do so. I need prayer, but this family needs it more than I do. Pray that God protects this child, and that His will is done.

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