Monday, March 22, 2004

School time!

We are learning about Spain. Not because of anything that has happened lately, but because we picked Spain for our "Trip Around the World in a Day" project. I found these really great sounding recipes that I want Hailey to make, and we found this cool web site that had pictures of Pasetas all the way from 1800 to 1996. Now they use the Euro, but I think that the Pasetas were much more beautiful and detailed. Anyway, we have a few pictures getting blown up as well. All in all, for not having a clue as to what we are truly doing, I think we are doing alright. We are quickly running out of time, and I don't think we have taken enough time in studying all that we should have. But then, that is the great thing about Home Schooling so I am learning. We can take as much time as we want on a subject and bring everything into it.

The girl's beds will be here tomorrow!!!! I am so excited as this means I get to paint and decorate. Shad is certainly thrilled. Yes, that was a joke. I am going to do Hailey's room first. It will be the easiest I think. Anyone know anything about making curtains? I am sure it can't be that hard. I will have to borrow my mom's sewing machine. Although that could be dangerous. I have never used one before. How hard can it be?

I think I have finally found the right color to finish off my living room painting. Shad doesn't know it yet, but I am going to paint the rest of the living room while he is gone. He will be so happy when he gets back. Yes, that was another joke. Not the part about me painting, the other part, well, you get it.

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