Monday, September 27, 2004


Was talking to Shad last night about life and what our mission is. I have a book that says there are three parts. One part has to do with that one thing you do really well. That is my issue. I have no idea what that is for me.

I had a dream that it was my mother's birthday and we were supposed to celebrate, but my mom threw a fit and everyone left. I wanted to leave too, but they all left me behind. So, I went out of the house and it had snowed. All of a sudden there were tons of people everywhere, and they were playing in the snow, and then there were these kids that were doing a play in the middle of the street. I whipped out a camera and started taking pictures.

By the way, Shad says that my Jags don't play until the weekend of the 9th, so I might just remove movie night all together until I get a handle on the dates and plans and crap. However, everyone is welcome to come over tonight and hang out for Monday night football!!

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