Monday, September 06, 2004


Went to the Dam yesterday. Damn it's big! Actually, we paid ten bucks each just to watch a movie and go into an elevator so we could walk down a long tunnel to see some of the huge generators and then you go back out and get to walk around an observation deck. Oh, and they have an exhibit you get to wander through. My personal thought was that we were totally ripped off, however, it was an awesome school day with the girls. I have been down in the damn thing before and it was a way better tour back then, but we still had a good time.

Today is mom intervention day. My brother called a family meeting which will only consist of the three of us. Our plan of attack is to get her into a room with us and confront her about money and taking care of herself (which she doesn't do) and to offer a solution. I am just a supporter of the cause, my brother seems to have figured out the solution. We shall see. It should be interesting.

My mother gave me some china that her brother gave to her from when he was in one of the wars. I didn't want it, only because I don't see the need to show off a bunch of dishes you never use and that you have to clean all of the time. My cousin's wife called this weekend and wants me to give them the china because it was, in her words, supposed to go to them as it was my uncle who bought it and my cousin who should inherit it. I am not attached to it, yet some part of me is hesitant to let it go. Perhaps that is the reason I should give it to them. You just can't hold on to THINGS like that. Shad says I should tell her no. What a silly thing to stress over.

My family is awesome. Happy Labor Day.

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Amy said...

My kids love the dam! It's the only time they get to cuss and Dave and I laugh! They have more damn jokes than you can imagine!