Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Saw this poem on the homeschooling group message board, thought I would share.

Today, I didn't say the right things
I didn't give enough hugs
I didn't listen to all of their imaginary stories.

Today my prayers were too short and
my lectures too long.
My smiles, I'm sure didn't hide my fatigue.

Today I didn't heal any wounds;
in fact, I'm sure I caused some.
Their tears fell and I felt too
lifeless to wipe them away.

But as I kneel in prayer to confess my failures, I am reminded......
I am not their hope.
I am not their joy.
I am not their salvation.
He is!
And they are His children even more than they are mine.

I am reminded...
He always listens,
always guides,
always touches,
and always loves perfectly.

I can rest now, Lord,
remembering that I am not alone.

-wendy c. brewer

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