Saturday, June 16, 2007

A look into my head. Scary!

Two days left before the family gets back and I have taken a cleaning spree and turned it into an obsessive compulsive mess. You see, after waiting two days for the carpets to dry, I was finally able to get the living rooms put back together. (Our house has two right next to each other for some reason).

S0 I moved on to the upstairs and was cleaning upstairs when the phone rang. Since we have two cordless phones and can only locate one right now (which we keep down stairs by the kitchen), I had to run down to answer it.

After the conversations was over, I looked at the book cases while passing by and decided that I needed to go through our books and down size a bit. Like right now! So I started taking all of the books down and piled them up on the floor. In the middle of this I decided that I wanted to move a little bit of furniture so I moved the piano over (yes, I moved a piano by myself) and brought in the book case. At this point I decided I would make this book case my school book case for the girls and started arranging books on it when I realized that I needed to go through my school materials and possibly get rid of some stuff. So I went into the den and started dragging out a bunch of school books and such. Now, I have books everywhere, things piles on the floor, furniture moved here and there, and my upstairs cleaning still isn't done!

After starting with this nice clean slate, I have turned it into a total mess by being so easily distracted. Sometimes I wonder what causes my brain to switch channels so easily.

I bet you can guess what I am going to go do right now. Yep, do the dishes, oh and I have to get the bills done! And there is the laundry, but I should go get some lunch...................................

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