Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just sitting here in my PJ's with socks on and a sweatshirt too. It is cold in the den. I have had the windows open at night for the last three months to save on our power bill and at night I freeze! But it is worth every penny we save. The house fills with cold air at night, and in the morning we close the windows to trap it all in. We stay cool all day and then we open them in the evening. Last summer we had a bill that was over $400. We were just so used to having the air on all of the time from living in Vegas. That bill brought me to my senses though. I have come to realize that we can live without using the air or the heat. People did it before us. We are just spoiled rotten.

We all went to a water park today. Actually, it is a little park area with a man made lake and some water slides. Mackenzie wasn't sure about going on the water slides, so I told her she could ride with me. I figured it would make us go slower and she would see that they are really a lot of fun. Boy was I wrong! Not only did it make us go faster, we almost had a blow out on one of the walls, and Mackenzie was screaming "I want to stop, I want to stop!" the whole way down. Right before we came to the end, there was this huge drop off and I knew immediately that when we landed in the pool Mackenzie was going to go way under, so I held on to her so I could make sure to pop her up out of the water as quickly as possible. We both went way under and took in a bunch of water up the nose. She was still holding her breath as I held her up out of the water and I had to keep telling her she was alright before she would breath. As you can imagine, that was our only ride on the water slides. But Hailey, Shad, and Hailey's friend had a great time. Mackenzie and I sat and watched them the rest of the time we were there.

Updates on family for those who care:
Gram in Vegas starts her third round of chemo this Tuesday. She is hanging in there, but getting tired. Grandma in Ohio isn't doing well, but is hanging in there as well. Shad and the girls go to see her next week. It's going to be quiet around here. No new news to share on the sister-in-law.

The girls have just gone to bed so I should go say good night.
Keep the peace!

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