Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another lazy day...

for just sitting around and doing nothing. Well, actually we went to art class this morning, and the girls did some free drawing projects. They were really cool. After that we came home for lunch and talked. I did make a trip to the post office with Mackenzie to mail some letters, and well, that is about all I have accomplished in the way of errands today. It is a lazy day.

I'll share a story:

A few moments ago, I went outside to grab some leaves off of the tree and right there on the steps was a huge lizard! And I almost stepped on him! He was just sitting there and had his eyes closed, so I bent down to get a closer look and noticed that he was missing an arm. One of his front arms was just gone! And for a moment I thought he might be dead and started to reach out to touch him.

But then I thought, if he was dead, then why is he only missing an arm you know? If I was a bird and I was going after this lizard and had wounded him, I would go in for the kill and eat him all up, not just run off with his arm. I mean, a bird has got to eat right? So I decided that he must be trying to fake me out. He was probably sitting there with his arm under him and his eyes closed praying I wasn't a giant bird about to eat him for supper. Like I would see him missing his arm and feel sorry for him and just leave him be.

I turned around and went in to get my camera just then because I had this thought that I could take a picture and send it to one of the Carder kids and have him identified, but when I came back he was gone. He was faking me out! Wasn't he? Then I actually sat there and wondered if I truly had even seen this lizard. Perhaps I made the whole thing up. But just then the bush rattled and I knew I wasn't crazy. :) But I never got his picture. And I am still not sure if he really was missing an arm.

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