Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Isn't that just grape juice?

So my week is working out well. Even though I miss my family, I am managing just fine. Yesterday evening I had a meeting that went well but a bit long. Afterwards I took the opportunity with no kids to go shopping for myself. I bought two pair of sandals and two outfits. It was nice to say the least. Later, I had dinner and watched some tele and finally made my way to bed around one. An over all nice and relaxing day.

This morning I woke up to Hailey's alarm going off at around 6:30am. I was sure I had turned that thing off yesterday. Anyway, I got up, cleaned the hallway clear of the clutter, vacuumed the hall and the stairs and then went down to have breakfast. While eating, I sat by the window and watched outside in between journaling. A very quiet and productive morning. At around nine the carpet cleaner guy showed up. He was a pretty pleasant fellow who found a way to mention that he was recently divorce during our conversation. That struck me as kind of weird. He went on to tell me about how he had to move out and find a place in Livermore. He had found a great home for rent that was very reasonable. And eventually he began telling me about how he works hard every day but always takes time to spend time with his son who is spoiled rotten by his mother.

Is anyone else wondering why this total stranger whom I had only just met was telling me his life story? Well I was totally wondering that myself during his visit. Later on, after thinking about it, I had a little realization if you will. This is why I am in school to become a counselor of some sort. It is totally my calling. As long as I can remember people have been coming to me to tell me all about their problems and about their lives. Even total strangers whom I have only just met. And I don't even try to pry into their lives, they just dish it out. It's bizarre really. And I just listen. I don't offer advice in anyway, I just listen and nod and give a "u-huh" or a "Oh, I see" and that's about it. Okay, sometimes I do give some advice, when asked for it. And sometimes I will share a relating story or two if I feel it is right to share. It was just a very real confirming message to me that I am doing the right thing.

So the other day I went to Trader Joe's to find some of my favorite snacks that I get to have to my self this week, and I came upon non-alcoholic wine. Yep, the label says it has been de-alcoholized. They totally made that up right? I mean, isn't non-alcoholic wine just grape juice? But here I sit with a glass of red non-alcoholic wine and it tastes great. I used to drink wine all of the time way back when, and then gave it up. I am so glad I can now have a glass once in a while without all of the nasty effects. Who knew?

Keep the peace people!

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