Friday, June 08, 2007

From Paris to Ohio?

I am so glad to see someone finally put a public figure who broke the law behind bars like they should! Yep, I am totally talking about Paris. Sometimes it takes tuff love to make a much needed, totally over due point! Did you see her face? That shot was priceless. Perhaps this will be a little wake up call to the rest.

Enough about that. I just had to share.

It's Friday and the girls are done with piano and we have started getting them packed for their trip to OHIO! I am also currently making plans for my week without them. I have all kinds of wonderful plans such as going to school, getting the carpets cleaned, and having the piano tuned. I know, I should make plans for a movie or something. Maybe I will, and for a pedicure too. But this seems like the best time to get all of these other things done as well. I also plan on getting the front porch cleaned up so I can sit out there with a book or my journal in the evenings. Right now it is covered in dust and leaves and little spider webs. I'm going to be busy!

I could sit here and write all day, but I think I better get some other things done first.

peace people!

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