Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Following Through, the story

Follow through. It is a big issue in this house. Thanks dad! Yep, I blame him. Why? Well, I sometimes feel that due to his lack of follow through in his marriage to my mother that it launched an idea in my head that following through is not necessary in life. If you follow through, okay, if not no big deal. I mean, life goes on and we all get through it some how right?

That thought in my head was not practiced by me too often though. Thankfully I had my mother constantly on me about the things she thought were important for me to follow through with. Like school for instance. Had I dropped out, well, in the direction I was headed back in the day, I would probably be dead right now. But thanks to mom for pushing me forward, even if her methods were a little different than most.

Anyway, I had this little melt down last night because my kids are bad with follow through in certain areas. I blame myself of course. Most of them are the same areas I have issues with, like cleaning up my room and doing laundry. Yes, my room still has clothes on the floor and hangers everywhere, and my bed is rarely ever made. We just go sleep in it and mess it up at the end of the day anyway right? wink, wink, winkety- wink!

So, today I had a long talk with my kids (because I am great with lectures thanks to dad again) and spoke with them about why I feel strongly about them learning to follow through on things. The conversation went really great and I think they understood better why I nag them about certain things like cleaning their bathroom and throwing out the trash in their rooms. Anyway, they followed through on a few things this morning and that just made me happy. And I too followed through on a few things I had been putting off. It felt great to get them done. And it showed my kids that we all have things to work on no matter what our age or hair color. :b

Follow through. It is an issue in this house, but we are working on it and one day, it will be history.

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