Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hailey and Mackenzie make the perfect geeks when they want to. I love these pictures! We were at the art studio and one of the other kids there had these glasses. They were all trying them on and started to behave like crazies as soon as they did. It was so funny. They were magic glasses! :)
From these pics you wouldn't think we were having too bad of a day, but I really fell into a funk later on in the afternoon. A deep and dark funk that I have not seen in a long while. I was headed that way again this morning as I was laying in bed with the covers up over my head desperately trying to fall back to sleep in order to not face the day, until I suddenly jumped up and told myself that I wasn't going to go through this. I would not tick, tick, tick, let my time fly by with me doing nothing so I jumped up and came down stairs and started laundry. It was busy work and I was able to think while folding. I came to the conclusion that I was just not going to go down that dark road today, and that I would just abruptly change direction and flee. Let it pursue me! I will throw down on it later and kick it's ass to the curb!!!!!
So, later I will have to concentrate on getting a paper written that I have due tomorrow night, but for now, I am going to concentrate on other things. Some of my favorites actually; Hailey and Mackenzie.
Peace my friends.

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