Sunday, November 16, 2003


The house that we made an offer on sent us a counter offer, and then we countered their counter, and in the process we found out that what we were about to offer and buy this house for was not what it was really worth, and that was a concern which then made us realize that maybe this is not the right house.

So, We took back our counter of their counter and started all over again. We then found a house in an area that is close to where we used to live, but not that close. It was the nicest house with a big backyard, a quiet area, (we think) and well, just so perfect. It is older, but we like it, and we made an offer on it yesterday. We find out some info on Monday afternoon, and then we will go from there. If we get it, we might be in there before Christmas, otherwise it is just starting all over again. House hunting basically stinks. It was fun at first, but now...............Just stress!

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