Wednesday, November 12, 2003


We made an offer on a house yesterday. It isn't in the area I thought we would end up in, however, when we drove up to it, I had this feeling. A feeling of calmness, and of peace. It is a small house, but with so much potential. The neighborhood is quiet, and well taken care of. It has all the space we need. I even felt this small connection to the lady who lived there. I know, that sounds very weird, right? She is from a small island near Jamaica and she was very polite and while we wondered her home, she sat in bed reading her Bible. We probably have nothing in common, yet I just felt very comfortable around her, and felt that there was a lot of history in this house.

Anyway, we gave her a couple of days to give us an answer, so we should know something for sure by the end of this week. It is all in God's control, and what a loving God He is.

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