Wednesday, May 07, 2008

La Vida Loca!

Life has been a bit crazy. Here it is 1:30 in the morning and I am still not done writing my paper that is due on Thursday night. I just can't think about funding and IT systems right now. I also have to put together some research information for my team project of which I am slightly confused about but I will have to do that later too. I did manage to get a few ideas written down for the group session I am supposedly doing tomorrow with the teens. And I have a head start on dishes and laundry. And to top it all off, I actually came home without a head ache from work last night. My brain has been a little fried each night from all of the new information I am being given.

Teen recovery is different to say the least. I will have to write more about that later. And working is just a trip after all of these years. I know, that sounds kind of sad coming from someone in her thirties right. I can't help it, I was always the kind of person that felt she had to have a job for security. Now I am totally used to staying at home and having time to do what I want. Yep, spoiled rotten.

The kids are doing alright with the new schedule though. We actually get more done for school now than we have in over a year. I'm still thinking about putting Hailey in an independent study for next year and realized that I will have to hurry and enroll her if I am going to do it. I've heard through the grape vine here that late enrollment is kind of hard to do. It has something to do with crazy families getting on waiting lists to put their preschooler in school or something like that. Luckily I don't have to worry about that since we live an alternative school style. :) I mean, we do private school. Wink!

Next month we are going to have 11 family members come here and stay a night or two with us. Yes, I said 11! 11 + our four and our dog. Oh what a great day that will be. I am not sure just where we are going to put everyone, but I guess we will figure it all out once they get here. I have half a mind to put the kids out in the backyard in the tent. Anyway, they are all coming this way as we make our way to Oregon to see Shara (my niece) graduate from college. It will be a fun trip and I am looking forward to screaming and yelling as she walks the stage to grab her hard earned degree. I will also be daydreaming about the day when I finally get my degree. It's going to happen people. One way or another!

Well, now that it is almost two, I guess I should get my butt to bed and get some sleep. I have to be up at nine! Happy Wednesday!

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