Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teen Brains and other news...

I read a very interesting article this morning about teens and their brains in The Home School Court Report. It was talking about how young kids and teens act out in anger and frustration over being kept from doing things because of their age by parents, teachers, rules and regulations, etc. The author's point was that teens are very capable of thinking and behaving like adults when given the opportunity to do so in a positive way. But by preventing them, teens lash out and rebel in negative ways. He wrote a book about it called The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen. I plan on picking up a copy to check it out as I find his theory very interesting. He says he feels that "...we do not want young people socializing with each other. We want them to learn to join the community that they'll be part of their whole lives. We want them to learn to become adults. Right now, they learn everything they know from each other -that's absurd, especially since teens in our society are controlled almost entirely by the frivolous media and fashion industries." I think he has a point.
Example: One of Hailey's friends who goes to public school got down on Hailey for not behaving differently in front of a boy in her friend's neighborhood. Hailey calmly stated that she would not act like someone or something she is not just to impress a boy, or anyone else for that matter. A very reasonable and grown up response for a thirteen year old if you ask me. So my question is, where did her friend get the idea that you have to behave differently around the opposite sex? Could it be the media? Other kids at school? Yep, but it could be her parents too. I just find it interesting.

In other news, I will be doing a presentation in about 2 1/2 hours on alternatives to coal mining. My main focus is on alternative energy sources. Its riveting I tell you! So I guess I should go practice. Two years of school down, four years to go! Whooohooooo!

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Amy said...

Read the article this weekend. Very interesting and I think very true. This should be a 'must read' for all parents. I think I will post the link on my blog.