Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Turtle Surfing!

No, we didn't take the turtles to the beach. Too cold. But that would be so awesome to see wouldn't it? Surfing turtles!
Anyhoo, we did make it to the beach for the first time since we moved here. It was so much fun. Very cold, but a lot of fun. My sister and her daughter were with us and that made the trip more exciting. It was great watching the girls explore the beach and running away from the waves. They also made sand castles and buried each other. Later we went to dinner and we saved our strawberry tops for the turtles to munch on. They love strawberry tops as you can see in the picture.
New story:
So yesterday I was sitting on the recliner working on my computer when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something scurry along the baseboard across from me. I was in total denial at first, thinking that I must have been seeing things, but no. I truly saw something, and that thing was a mouse. A little brown mouse who has a death wish because I am not about to share this place with a disease carrying mouse. So, after I screamed a bit and finished freaking out, I proceeded to tear up the living room trying to find it. No luck. Those little bastards can truly hide like a ninja.
Eventually it ended up escaping the way in probably came in which was through the vent under the fireplace. I have nick-named him Ninja Mouse. And ninja mouse is going down! Shad went and found some traps and we have them in the house now and I am just waiting for them to go off. I will also make a call to the rental company to inform them of the issue. Ninja Mouse will die. One way or another. I will update on the progress later.

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Amy said...

get one of those electric, high pitch, get-rid-of-rodent things. they work wonders. we put one in jessi's tack shed---no more mice!