Saturday, August 04, 2007

She's 13 now! sniff, sniff....sob...........

I am now the mother of a teenager. Did you hear what I just said? A teenager. Yes I knew this was bound to happen some day. As a matter of fact I knew exactly on what day and time it would happen. But this doesn't change the fact that I am still having a hard time coming to grip with the reality of it all.

My life just became a little more complicated by this daughter's change in status. Not a lot complicated, but just a little. Now I have two separate age groups to deal with. It was so much easier when they could do everything together. Those days are gone now. Flown right out the window! And now there are going to be outings with friends like trips to the mall and movies. And boys! Oh my gosh I just realized that I met the man I married when I was 13!!!!!!!!! Oh brother! I think I need to lay down.

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