Friday, August 24, 2007

The Adventures of Ninja Mouse

Once upon a time there was a mouse who became a ninja. He lived in a house with a family of four and a dog with a broken smeller. It had to be broken because this dog never even indicated that he knew a mouse was ever in the house!

Anyway, one day Ninja Mouse made the decision to go out in the daytime to forge for food. What a mistake! Although he made no sound, one of the occupants in the house saw him skillfully glide along the baseboards. Eeeeekkk!!!! was the scream he heard, then suddenly a giant broom started coming towards him. Ninja Mouse quickly ducked behind the giant book case for cover, and just in time too, for the giant broom quickly came crashing down where he had just been. As ninja mouse tried to think, there was a ton of commotion going on in the house. Books and boxes being moved, and the large couch being flipped over. It was total chaos! Finally, things seemed to calm down a bit. This was his chance to get away. Swiftly and silently Ninja Mouse moved towards the grate he had entered through and finally he was safe. For now. His brush with death made him reconsider ever going out during the day again. No, it was too dangerous. He would have to wait until things calmed down and try again when it was dark out. That was his best chance to survive.

After a day and a half had passed, Ninja Mouse felt that it was time to try again. He was hungry, and didn't know how much longer he could stand listening to his little stomach grumble. Slowly Ninja Mouse stuck his little head out of the grate. No noise, no movement. The coast was clear. As Ninja Mouse entered the room, he began to smell something. Something irresistible that caused not only his stomach to growl, but his mouth to water. It was the smell of peanut butter! The smell was intoxicating. Ninja Mouse no longer cared whether or not he was to be seen, the only thought in his mind now was how to find the place where that irresistible aroma was coming from.

As he crept into the little plastic house of delicious smell, ninja mouse never noticed the large metal bar looming overhead. At last! Ninja Mouse had found the source of the wonderful smell that was calling him. He quickly and silently ate his meal, making sure not to miss a drop of the delicious and creamy substance. With his mission accomplished, Ninja Mouse turned to leave and WHAM!!!!!! The metal bar above him came slamming down in less than a second, quickly breaking the neck of Ninja Mouse. And there he lay, with the smile of satisfaction still on his face.

In other words, we caught the mouse! THE END or is it..................................?

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