Friday, September 07, 2007


It has come very clear to me that I have a lot to learn about California. For instance, I did not know that a tree which is determined to be a "Heritage Tree" can not be cut down or you are fined $1500. I did not know that on one side of San Francisco it is beautiful, but on the other side it is a dump, literally. I did not know that the city of San Francisco banned the sale of bottled water as an attempt to save the environment. I am learning things like this all of the time and sometimes these things just don't make sense to me. Perhaps it is because I come from a desert state where about the only concern on any one's mind is water and tourism. No one cares if a tree is cut down, and you certainly won't see anyone trying to ban the sale of bottled water where I come from. I am living in a foreign land and have much to learn.


Today I am taking a day off. I plan on not planning anything. There are a few things on my list to ignore, and that I am sure I will still have to do but for the most part, I really am doing nothing but trying to live in the moment. I find it a little difficult without a plan. Why?
Yesterday was the Not Back to School Picnic with our home school group. We enjoyed a park full of home schooling families and lots of good food. Mackenzie has made three new friends which is huge for her and Hailey has managed to make a few other new friends and to get interested in an activity called Destination Imagination. She is also gathering with a group to plan a Valentines Day dance. I am planning all kinds of activities too and will share them later.
I think I will go play a video game now.

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