Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunsets and Snails

My kids are growing up and I am getting older. There, I said it. Don't you just love a good sunset? Me too. This one was while we were in Vegas. I miss the way the sky glows just before it gets dark there. The sunset is just different here.
So here is a funny story. I went up to my room to change clothes for the night and was greeted by MacKenzie who introduced me to her pet snail Sally. Now this snail was unlike any I have ever seen. Its shell was made of a toilet paper roll and the small trail of left over tissue still stuck on it. And her eyes were made of bamboo skewers that were poking out of the "shell". She even had little bendy straws that slid over her eyes "to keep them warm and block out the light when she sleeps" according to MacKenzie.
I said hello to Sally with a little giggle and praised MacKenzie on her creativity. Then as I passed the bathroom I stopped laughing as I noticed that our trash can was full of toilet paper. It took me a moment to accept the reality of what I saw but there was no doubt that someone had unraveled an entire roll of T.P. and dumped it into the trash, and I was pretty sure I knew who it was. Upon further investigation it was confirmed and MacKenzie admitted her guilt but defended her position. This led into a little refresher lesson on the cost of T.P. and a comical lesson on it's importance.

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