Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Didn't See This Coming

Who knew? Life is sure strange. We have been so focused on leaving this place and getting back to Vegas, or some place close by, that we totally didn't expect to hear the comment from Shad's grandma in Ohio let alone contemplate on it at all. But we did, and we are. Well, just a little right now.

Basically, every day I ask Shad about the transfer stuff at work.
Has he heard anything?
Does he know anything new?
I get the same answer every day. "No." I'm certain it annoys him but I feel like I should keep it fresh in his mind every day. Why? I have no idea. I think it makes me feel better. Like in some warped kind of way it is progress.

Anyway, yesterday I did again asked the usual questions, and got the usual answer with a "but" on the end of it. But what? Apparently Grandma in Ohio is contemplating moving to the city where she would be closer to the doctors she is frequently visiting. (Not by choice.) That is great! She needs to be some place closer to the hospital instead of being so far away all by her lonesome.
But....she is said to have made the comment of "I wish Shad and Sherry could move into my house and live in it." Or something to that affect.

What? Move to Ohio? That is so not close to Vegas. As a matter of fact, that is pretty damn far from Vegas. What?

My first reply of course was "Um, I don't think so." And then later that day we began to think about it. What would that look like? How would we manage that? Could we even manage that? There would have to be many cosmic things fall into place.

Just the other day I was commenting to one of the girls about how it is important that family takes care of family. That God wants us to take care of each other, especially when we are in need. So many of our family and friends are in need back in Vegas. But we have family in other places too. Grandma Kathy is in Vegas with a ton of family taking care of her. Grandma Ruth is in Ohio with, well, she is pretty much alone.

It has us thinking pretty hard and praying about some things. I didn't see this coming!
I'll keep you posted.


Jenn Clark said...

So IF you were to make this move where in Ohio would you be? What's made Ohio so popular all of the sudden. I would love it if you guys moved here.

Amy said...