Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another sign?

We went to a park in Alameda yesterday so Shad could practice softball with some of the people he works with. They go to a tournament every year in Vegas, but get only one or two practices in. Last year it was one practice, this year they are shooting for at least two.

Hailey's friend Cally came along with us and the girls were having a great time at the park when they suddenly realized they were hungry. They were very verbal about it, so we piled into the truck and left Shad behind while we went on an adventure to get lost in a little island city I have never driven in before. We managed to only get a little lost, and found a cute little park where an art exhibit was going on. Nope, no food there so we moved on. We were on a mission you know. Finally we found a shopping center that had a huge Trader Joe's in it. Thanks Trader Joe's! Crisis averted! We finally managed our way back to where we started by sure luck as I was totally lost.

Oh, the sign? Yes, well on the drive home from the nasty little bar-b-Que place Shad took us to for lunch after his practice was over, he informed me that the word in the office is: three new openings in Vegas. This means he has an even better chance at getting us back.

I am not getting excited though. If it is to happen, then it will be right? Shad will send in his transfer request and life goes on. It sure would be nice if we were to be back before Christmas though. :)

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