Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A sign?

I am currently procrastinating yet again as I am struggling to write a paper that is due tomorrow night for my History class. Oh well, at least I am consistent.

So today I went with Shad to his MRI. He has some back issues. Nothing serious that we know of yet, just old age at this point unless we are told different in a couple of weeks. During our ride back home, Shad got a call. It was his boss telling him that there had been some changes done. Major changes. Anyway, the result was that he is going to have to issue a new transfer request.

I am hoping that this is a sign. I have been thinking about how this December would be the perfect time for us to transfer to another place as I will be in between classes and we would be buying at a most opportune time. The fear was that the transfer would go through right away and make things difficult. However, after much thought, it really doesn't matter when it happens. It is just important that it does. So, I will be praying about that.

Anyway, I guess I should get back to that wonderful paper I have to write.


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Amy said...

I'm praying!!