Saturday, October 09, 2004

Road Trip!!!

Going to see my Jags in San Diego. A one day trip there and back. It has been a long time since we have done a road trip like this, and we will be tired I am sure, but it will be fun to get away alone, even if for only a day. Good old dad came through with tickets for my birthday. Once in a great while, he suprises me.

I watched the Debate and was thrilled to listen to Kerry make an ass of himself. (I can care less what you think as this is my opinion. ) I also went to see Shark Tale and it sucked as well. Not a kid friendly movie at all. Way too much adult humor for a kid flick amoung other things.

We will be missing you all at Apex. Sorry Joe, I have been brain washed by Shad and must go see my team beat the Chargers. ( And won't I be sad if I have to watch them lose. Yes, it could happen.)

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