Thursday, October 21, 2004

More stuff

God has a way of finding you when you aren't even aware that you are lost.

Okay, so I was going to try to write something but was interrupted by screams and yells and a bang in the neighborhood. I guess someone owns a pig, and the neighbor's dog got out and attacked it, and the neighbor on the other side of the house with the pig came out and shot the dog. Small kids live at the two houses with pets and from what I can tell saw it all happen. A very sad and strange moment of chaos. Okay, so part of me thinks it is almost funny too. Sorry, that is the demented side of me I guess.

On to other news. I had a good time meeting some new ladies at ladies night out. It was fun, and I hope to make it on the list for next time. The sad part, I think I was the oldest person there. I don't think that has ever happened to me before. Well, one time at this concert I took my niece to, I wasn't the oldest, but felt I was.

Hope to see some or all of you at the Carder Ranch for a good ol' time of knee slappin fun!

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Good Adam Hunting said...

I am so glad you were there on Monday night. It was nice getting to know you a little better. There really isn't a list, but if there were one you'd be on it. The next time we have a night of escape, if you're not there I'll be calling to find out why. I'll see you at the ho-down.