Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Best Birthday Moments

Breakfast in bed made by my girls. (a bowl of cereal and two pieces of toast, and a glass of milk)

Listening to the girls giggle most of the day

Listening to some music that I haven't heard in a long time

The beauty and sweet smell of the dozen roses I was given by my awesome husband

That oh so sweet but thin slice of German Chocolate cake that was accompanied by a nice scoop of French Vanilla Fudge Pie ice cream. Yummy!!!!!!

Journaling in a room full of wonderful smelling candles that cast shadows of dancing flames all over the walls

What an awesome birthday! God Rocks!


Debbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sherry! Sounds like a great day! Shad and the girls did a good job! You are loved!


MrH said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the next year is as awesome as the first day was!
Michelle Hunt