Monday, October 22, 2007

Whew, what a week!

We have been busy. There have been trips to the park, rock climbing, and then there was the trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. It was so much fun, and even though we were there for five and a half hours we still didn't see everything there is to see there. If family ever decides to visit again, we will definitely go back and check it out again.

Currently for school I am trying to learn all I can about Bipolar Disorder. My team and I are going to do a presentation on it in two weeks so we have to do as much research as we can and quick. I find it fascinating, and even went out and purchased a book on the subject. I read six chapters before bed last night because I just couldn't put it down. I also purchased a couple of other books about other types of disorders such as multiple personalities, autism, and psychosis. I just find the brain and it's abilities fascinating, and the struggles people go through heart breaking.
Book I am currently reading:
Bipolar Disorder Demystified
by- Lana R. Castle

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