Friday, October 05, 2007

Just life stuff

I finished another class last night, and now I move on to some extremely interesting stuff. I will talk more about that later. I had to say goodbye to a good friend last night as well because she has to move to a different campus to take the classes she needs. It sucked because the two of us have been working together for over a year and she is an awesome person. Now I have to start over. YUCK!

This school year with the girls has been hard. We are not getting all of the things done I anticipated that we would and I tend to get a little panicked when that happens. However, it's not the end of the world. This I know. Today is another day and we have to keep moving forward.

So, yesterday the girls and I took a tour of the water facility here. It was a great lesson on what happens to the water when you flush. Eew! We also got to go into the lab to see where they test for bacteria and such. It was cool because they had a huge poster with pictures of the different bacteria on it explaining which were good and which were bad. Afterwards the girls and I went out for a birthday lunch, and then shopping. I bought myself a new sweater and some warmer pajamas in preparation for winter. I also got myself a new scarf. Later I prepared for my presentation and went to school. Overall, not a bad birthday.

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