Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Disneyland was fun, and we had a great time. Here are the girls and their cousin hanging out at Goofey's place. The weather was perfect and we saved a lot of money by bringing our own food to the park. The only bad part was that their other cousin was so sick that he had to go back to the hotel for the whole day. Poor little guy, he had strep and ear infections in both ears. Thankfully they found a doctor to see him and give him a nice shot in the butt to kick the sickness to the curb. And his Aunt Sherry got him a nice big Pooh Bear to snuggle with. He was much better the next day, but that was the day we were all leaving. Still, it was a good trip.

So today is my birthday and so far I have slept in until ten, (okay, so I do that almost every day, bite me) and ate a bowl of cereal with banana in it. Next I get to finish my math homework and clean the dishes. I am really excited about that part of my day! Later I will do some laundry so that it doesn't start growing out of control, and then I will make cup cakes (chocolate with cherries in the middle) to eat after dinner. I'm going to file for my R4 today which is filing as a private school so we can continue to home school legally here which should take all of five minutes as long as the forms have not changed. Then later we might go to park day if it is not raining. For dinner I will order out from Strizzies, the Italian place down the street and have lasagna and I will finish my day with a Learning Team Meeting to go over my math work. All in all, a very full day and as long as nothing bad happens (like me tripping down the flippin stairs and almost breaking my ankle which happened two days ago) then life is good.

And there you have it, a day in the life of me. Well, a little glimpse of a day in the life of me anyway.
Happy Birthday!

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Sara said...

Happy Birthday Sherry.
We are actually going to Florida for Thanksgiving. John is going back to Iraq between christmas an New Year so we are going to go see his family before he goes.
Miss you too!!!
Wow, Hailey is getting big!!!
Love Sara