Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yep, it's running day four. I am pretty certain I will continue to run every day now. Why? Well, I haven't questioned it any further. The alarm goes off, slowly I crawl our of bed, manage to get my sweats on with my eyes still closed, throw on the sox and shoes and go. Then the concentration begins on making it to the half way point of our run, because then I know we are on the way back home. By the time we get back to the house, I am finally awake and I realize what I have just done, pretty much in my sleep. I don't question it, I just do it. If I happen to lose a few pounds in the process, well, that would be cool, but the focus isn't on that. (It's hard to focus when it's 6am and you are used to getting up at 10am.)

Life here in Northern California is going along well. The girls and I have discovered a cool art studio just down the street within walking distance and each of us have started a mosaic piece. Now if any of you have seen those TV shows where they do this kind of thing, it looks so simple. I mean, you just pick your pieces of glass or tile and glue them to your base, then grout it. Tada!!! The piece is beautiful!
Well, I consider myself a pretty patient person, and this project has really kicked that consideration to the curb! I want each piece to fit just exactly right and they don't because I chose small broken pieces of tiles. It took me a little over three hours to get my tiles glued on! It's mosaic people, not brain surgery!
However, I have not given up, as I am going to continue to do this because I've learned that it is helping me focus better. Amazing what a little brain power can do. And in the end, it is fun.

The dreaded Math classes are almost over for me as we only have two more after tonight. Then I am on to something I can relate to a lot more, writing. Not that I write all that much. I mean, well, okay I do journal just about every day now since I was twelve, but it's not like I sit around all day writing stories and novels. Although, I've thought about giving it a try once or ten times before. But writing a novel is way different from writing a bunch of crap in a journal. Right? Perhaps some day I will attempt something, but as for now, I will just shut up.

I am off to do one of my most FAVORITE jobs, picking up dog poo! Oh joyous dog poo, how I love thee. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! But if I don't do it, I will get a big chew out by the creepy old lawn guy who weed whacks our back yard lawn. Yes, I said weed whack, and no I didn't mean mows. The man is probably 90, so I don't question his methods. Besides, our back lawn is the size of the Carder's laundry room floor.

Have a happy day! Or if you choose, a crappy day!

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