Sunday, October 15, 2006


The air is cold, the sky clouded, and a fine mist floats around tonight. The frogs, those thousands of frogs that usually make music in the night have disappeared. It seems so quiet with out them. Fall came a while ago. It brought with it change. Could there be a better time to focus on the creativity of God? Just look around you in any direction, and tell me what you see?

I have seen geese flying overhead in little strange arrow tipped shapes and the trees changing color. Flowers blooming and plants getting ready to sleep. Squirrels on a mission to scavenge for nuts. Signs of God's creativity, signs of change. Life.


Amy said...

Wow, these are all new experiences for a desert rat! I'm so glad you are getting to live in and enjoy a different climate for a little while. Now that you've seen it, I think it might be time to come back home. Miss you.

Susie Bageant said...

I agree with Amy! You are a beautiful writer and being there might help but you can come back now! ;) Love you!!