Friday, May 07, 2004

Why does Shad torture me so!!?? All I want is to be able to use my computer to do the things I need to do. Why must he change things every other month? It is driving me insane! I know, stupid thing to care about. It is just one of those things, like when the hangers are still hanging on the towel rack in the morning. I really don't like that. Yes, I am a freak. Get over it. I did.

This weekend is going to end up busy like all of the others. No big deal really. I look forward to parts of it, like taking care of the Boyd boys for a couple of hours. They play so good, with lots of energy and laughter. They are such a blessing.

My reports were all a mess tonight, but I think I figured out what I needed to, so things can only get better from here. Yes, I do try to think positively at times. I'm holding my brothers lotto ticket for ransom, in case he wins something. So far, he won two dollars. He can't pay off my mortgage with that. But he could buy me an ice cream.

So, can you tell I am trying to avoid some responsibilities? I have about thirty butterflies to cut out, ten vases to fill, and lots of paperwork to work on. Plus I get to whip up a bunch of kabobs tomorrow for Sunday. Soooo, I think I will go color in my color book.

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