Tuesday, May 25, 2004


So, I was in need of a change, and since I can't afford to change my hair color right now, I decided to change my blog. Change is good.

My job is getting both harder and easier at the same time. Yes, that is possible. I am almost totally caught up, but there are all of these changes going on, and so many people to please these days. It is hard at times.

Yesterday I almost had a melt down, but managed to make it through, and it all turned out alright. God is always there.

India is getting closer and we are struggling to make it happen. I am praying a lot about the church helping us out. I am worried that we will not make it, and then these girls will be let down, yet at the same time, they are learning so much already just by working hard to get there. We just have to keep looking forward.

Prayers to you all.

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