Thursday, May 06, 2004

Funny how life is.

On other news, I am in charge of the decorations for a party next week and let me tell you, this is exciting. Oh, and expensive as well. I have managed to spend $151 on stuff, and wondered today what was going to happen to all of it. Can you recycle streamers? I also have the delightful job of putting together some kind of activity to pass the time. I thought the kids could do some kind of dance or something. Or maybe have the adults do some kind of skit. Anyway, it should be fun none the less.

So the school year is about up and my children are still doing school. That is because I can't seem to figure out when or if we should stop. I mean, don't we school our kids every day anyway? I have other things I can spend my time worrying about I guess.

I talked to my dad about India again and he is still against me going, but said he would bring a check next weekend. I thought that was funny. He is going to be here for my brother's graduation. My brother has a BA now or something. He wants to be a lawyer some day. Yes, one of my relatives wants to study law. Now that is kind of funny.

I have issues, so I guess I will go color now. I bought me a new coloring book. It is so cool. Ask me and I will show it to you. God is in charge, not you, so just go with the flow. It's all about love.

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