Monday, May 10, 2004


The weekend was good, and life is good, and my kids are good, and my husband is good.

It's all good.

I have one of my niece and nephews tomorrow for the day. It should be interesting as they were real stinkers last week. This up coming party weekend should be interesting to say the least. Lots of things to do all of the time.

My ten year anniversary is this week. Ten years of frustration, confusion, love, admiration, pain, laughter, sorrow, joy, excitement, horror, lessons, growing.......... I wouldn't change any of it.

What I know, or have learned about marriage:

It takes love and patience.
It is not easy.
There isn't any kind of owners manual.
Kids should come AFTER marriage.
You have to pick your battles.
I really don't like hangers in the bathroom just piling up on the towel rack.
Someone has to learn how to cook or you will starve, or go broke.
I can still have fun and be my self.
Laundry never ends, it just keeps going, and going, and going,.....
Just because the little chapel you were married at in down town Las Vegas was torn down doesn't mean your doomed.
God is in control.
The list could go on, but I am sure you are fighting to stay awake as it is.
Just know that marriage sucks at times for everyone at some points, and really rocks at other times. It's all good!!

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