Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Chose Breakfast Over Church

I'm in the process of creating my first business called Matheny Creations. I'll fill you in on the details later but it has to do with photography and books. Two of my favorite things. 

So we chose breakfast over church today. There is a church a little ways away from our house that I went to last week alone to "check it out" for the family. It was small by comparison to most other churches here but large enough to hide in the back while listening and watching everything that was going on. The worship was fun and reminded me a little of old Apex days. The message was a little ADHD though and I found it hard to understand what the main subject was. But for the most part it was painless and we as a family decided we would attend together this weekend. However, once we got up and started getting ready to go we realized that none of us had breakfast yet and it was already 9:30. (church started at 10.) In the end we took the left turn instead of the right turn and ended up at the near by Denny's having breakfast and talking about Legos, biology, music, and God providing opportunities for growth. We never made it to church, but it kind of felt like we were connected as a family and we were definitely feeling blessed to be together. I find it kind of funny that we haven't managed to get to a church together for the last three years. Maybe we will try again next week. Or maybe we will continue our "gathering" at Denny's. 

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