Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love it!

Only some of you will understand the humor I find in this. But I get a call yesterday that my in-laws need a ride to the airport. No big, I will take them. Later that night I get a call from my dad who also needs a ride to the airport at the exact same time. I think to my self, "now that would be great to see, all three of them in the back of the truck made to sit together for a 30min ride to the airport. Would they behave?" and I laugh real hard with the visual. Reality kicked in though and we worked it out where I will take my father, and Shad will take his parents. Isn't God humorous sometimes though? I love it.

(Back story is obvious. The in-laws and my father do not like each other at all. They have not spoken since the wedding over 14 years ago if they even spoke then which I doubt.)   :)

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