Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Okay, I was just trying to be nice.

Today was the day I got a lot of work done. I feel as though I have made many tiny accomplishments because I have and it feels good. There are many days when I feel like I haven't accomplished anything and it usually brings me down, and even though I have a lot on my plate, I feel good today.

I'll be visiting Vegas in another two weeks and I am very excited. I plan on staying a few days and bringing the girls. Hopefully friends will not be too busy and we can hook up for some catching up on life and such. It will be nice to see some friendly faces.

I made an amazing discovery the other night. I found my diploma from the medical assisting school I attended back in 1992. I have been searching for it for, well, 16 years! Oh my goodness! Did I just hear that? Holy Cow! Time fricken flies fast! That means my 20 year reunion is just around the corner. What happened? Wow, that is just a crazy realization. Please excuse me a minute...

Okay, I am better now. (I think) Well, I suppose on that note I should just go. I feel the need to go hug my kids.

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