Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life as of late...

has been really busy, but good.

I had a surgery on Friday, slept Saturday and Sunday, was lazy on Monday, worked on Tuesday, took my hubby to the airport on Wednesday and then went to school for some study time, and well, you are pretty much caught up minus about a thousand little tasks in between. Tonight I have school and I am oh so looking forward to that because it is a two hour class about pretty much nothing as I have all of my stuff DONE! Then it's on to another class next week.

My work experience is over and I am a little sad to leave, but glad to have had the experience of meeting so many people and hearing all about their stories in life. I learned a ton and gained a tone of information from books and people alike. It was a great ten weeks actually. Okay, more than ten in reality but anyway, I had a good time.

Lately I am contemplating on what I should do with my degree once it is received. I am still working on a plan for a non-profit facility but at the same time I need to be thinking of a back up career choice. Any ideas? Go ahead, I can take it.

We are missing friends and taking a much needed trip back to Vegas soon. If you know of any activities going on that we can tag along with in the homeschooling community, send the info our way. We look forward to seeing you!

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