Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm doing what?

I'm about to embark on a road trip with my dad and brother. I know, crazy, but it is their birthday's this month and they wanted to celebrate with a road trip to see my sister. To be honest I am not looking forward to it as I am fighting off the beginning of a cold and I am horrendously busy these days, but sometimes we just have to take a time out.

My day starts with a 4:30 wake up call tomorrow morning and I am not, I repeat, NOT a morning person. Thank God for coffee. Then, while I am trying to visit with family, I have a paper to write and some research to do. Yippee!

I don't mean to complain, I mean, I am thankful to be able to spend time with my father and siblings, it is just that they tend to treat me like shit most of the time. Part of me wonders why I agreed to go in the first place. Only God knows. Hopefully there will be enough of us there that I can kind of disappear before any focus comes to me. That would be the secret of my survival all of these years people. Now the secret is out.

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