Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

I made waffles for breakfast, and we spent time watching a movie at home together as a family today. We watched Zoom which was a fun kids movie. Around one we called our family back home and spent an hour catching up on life and finalizing travel plans. Later we went to an early dinner/late lunch (what Mackenzie calls dunch) at the Red Tractor, and followed that up with a movie at the movie theatre. We saw Meet the Robinsons which was funny and had a good message. We ended the night with a trip to Cold Stone for ice cream. Despite all of the doom and gloom over the last month and the months to come, this has been a really happy day.

Our talk with the kids went something like this:

Shad-"Gram had to have some tests and the tests showed that she has some pretty bad things going on with her lungs and liver. We aren't sure what they can do about it, but she is doing alright now. So we want to take an early trip to visit with her and spend time with her and the family."

Hailey-"You mean we are going to Las Vegas?"



Shad-"We aren't sure yet, but soon. Very soon."

Hailey-"I can't wait to go swimming!"

Yep, somehow this talk just didn't go like I thought it would. Unfortunately I know that there will be more talks in time. And those will probably go a lot different.

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