Friday, April 06, 2007

Gram is the one in the Green. She is going to be 85 on May 14th. Our children, her great-grand children, are very close to her and love her very much. She is pretty active, and has a super sharp mind. And even though she is full of thorns sometimes, she has a huge heart and is loved very much.
Gram was told this week that she has tumors on her lungs and liver, and that she has about 3 months to live. Yes, she has lived a long life, but we love her and are very sad to hear this news. No one wants to watch a family member die of cancer, and no one wants to have to tell their children that someone in the family that they are so used to having around will no longer be around. But we have no other option. So how do you tell a child? Perhaps I will share our experience as we figure it out.

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