Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not the best morning ever

I find it very hard to keep in touch with everyone we left behind. It's like work and stuff. And it get frustrating too. Maybe I should do what they do and leave it at that. Sorry, rambling.

So, today I found out that Gram has some tumors on her lung and liver. Add that to my sister-in-law who will have to have brain surgery for sure, and the other grandma in Texas who has decided to leave the good doctors and go back to Ohio where the closest doctor to her will be over an hour away and doesn't specialize in congestive heart failure issues and you have got one sad morning.

But wait, there's more! Two family friends who are fighting cancer and not winning. One is now with Hospice which means he is being dosed on morphine to keep the pain at bay until his time comes, and the other just had surgery to take out lymph nodes and a thyroid although his cancer is in the bone, and his wife has been dealing with her own cancer issues.

I have been talking with God a lot these days. Things like this are what set me off on the whole "what is the point and purpose" questioning, and to tell you the truth, I still don't know. I have not been depressed for some time now, and I am fighting to keep it that way. These people all need prayer. They need miracles. They need love and faith. I just want to hold them all and be able to make it all better.

I guess the fact that I have already experienced a lot of loss in my life has led me to want to love on people more. We only have so much time on this earth, and only so much time to experience the joy that is family. We are all family after all. Every one of us no matter where we are from. I think that is what God created us for. To be his family. And families should take care of each other.

So, I guess I will go and pray and concentrate on how I can be a positive light in all of this mess. And then, after that, I will put my thoughts and prayers into action because prayer and thought can be great, but action is greater.

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Amy said...

I'm praying for you.