Friday, March 16, 2007

Some lessons........

Things I have learned since living in Northern California:

Parking here is a dangerous sport and costs lots of time and money, especially in the city.

Driving here is a dangerous sport, especially in the city, and requires packing snacks and activities to keep you occupied while sitting in traffic.

People are either really nice or really shitty, depending on the amount of money they make and the kind of car they drive or house they live in. (Wait, isn't it like that in Vegas too?)

Heath and environment are super duper important subjects around here. Way more important than in Vegas.

If your kid is a home schooler, you get frowns and dirty looks because you are "steeling from the public school system!". Oh how sad! As if that were true!

This place is full of 9-13 year old gang banger wanna-be's throwing gang signs at you for not hitting them with your car as they walk down the middle of the frickin street. Yep, that really happened. Maybe I should have run his little punk ass over?

The weather here rocks!

The housing market is a joke.

Prices here are well above the cost of living. They just have to be!

Gas prices are insane!!!!!!!!!!

Earthquakes arent' all that scary. The little ones anyway. :)

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