Monday, March 19, 2007

Piano and School

Hailey can play Fur Elise now! She has always loved that music and can now play it in it's entirety. Mackenzie is working on Beauty and the Beast and has the first two pages down. They have been working very hard and it shows. We are proud of them.

We grew green beans in a cup and now we need to find a place in the backyard to transplant them to or they will die. I wonder how big they will get? I should do more research. Our science studies have us learning all about plants and cells and such and now we are waiting for our slides to come in the mail so we can start using our microscope. I can't wait until dissection stuff starts, that is going to be so much fun! Well, for me at least, not the girls.

Our turtles are getting bigger finally. After their long winter sleep and getting them their new turtle mansion, they are looking healthier and happier, and growing like weeds. Hopefully they don't grow too big before we find a place to live that has a yard where we can build a good habitat for them.

Oops, need to go! More later....................

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