Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moving In

We have a new neighbor. I am assuming it is a she as she has created a nest right inside the holder of what holds my newly dead plants. (See, the plants were alive and well until we had a heat wave and they suddenly died. I have tried to water them and bring them back but with no luck.) This was certainly unexpected.

This morning I had to make an unplanned trip to the store, and when I got back to settle down in my favorite spot to have some ice tea-lemonade and read a little, something caught my eye. A little bird creating a new home right in the middle of the dead flowers that are hanging in front of our house. And my first thought was "How cool is this! Now we can do a study on birds." (Oh how I've turned into such the home schooling mom. And all thanks to Amy! Thanks Amy!) But now I am wondering how this is going to work. Shad is definitely not going to like this. Then again, he doesn't really notice little things like birds living in dead flower baskets. Perhaps I will just let him figure it out for himself. Anyway, the girls are excited to watch what happens and all from the comfort of our front window.

Does anyone out there know what kind of bird this is?


Juliabohemian said...

It's a mourning dove. She won't move once she has laid her eggs, even if you get real close to her. They're funny like that.

steve&jules said...

Yeah, they've got that beautiful "coooo Cooo" sound they make. they are definitely beautiful birds- hope the kids are doing well and that yall are enjoying your summer! We're moving in Sept to VA if you all ever need to be back in the Virginia Beach area, there's always a room for you:) jules & caleb (steve's out to sea but says hey too;) <><

Anonymous said...

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