Monday, July 10, 2006

Just Stuff

We finally made the decision to start looking for a more permanent home here. We love the house we are in, and are fine if we end up having to stay where we are, but we would rather not pay the equity on someone else's home, so we thought it time to just find our own. We will take our time, and be picky, as we have specific things we are looking for in a house. And we are looking for something cheap in a land where cheap is not easily found. It's not going to be easy, but it will all work out though.

The girls are doing Studies on different countries. Hailey has changed hers to Iceland and Mackenzie is studying Spain. It has been a lot more fun this year to watch them learning about the different countries. Right now Mackenzie is writing down a recipe for buttermilk biscuits that she found while searching for info on her country. She will make them tonight to have with dinner. This should be a lot of fun!

Yesterday the girls when to a friends house to play on a trampoline with a hose. They were soaked when I picked them up, and they had a lot of fun. It was a nice change for them. They have decided that we need a tree or two in the backyard of our new house so that we can have a tree house or a swing. Hailey has also requested a larger room to fit a larger bed. She is so tall that her little bed is just not big enough anymore. Crazy!

Time to go. Blessings to you all.

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