Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Okay, fine, I have to write. I am less than one day away from taking the longest trip I have ever taken in my life to a whole different country and I am so fricken excited that I can hardly stand it. I have to write!!!!!

So I can't sleep, can't think of anything else but India, and already have my stuff in the truck. How sad is that?! At certain moments, I can't even hardly believe it is really going to happen.

On the lowest setting on my camera I can take 999 pictures. You better believe I will take every single one of them. I already took a couple of pictures of my kids so that when I find that I'm missing them, I can just break out the camera and say hello.

We will be updating people on line, and I will be updating my blog when possible while in India. So, prayers and love to all of you and talk to you soon.


hisheidi said...

Prayers for a safe and fruitful time in India from the Stokes family.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my prayers are w/you Sherry...heard you were feeling the stress of the heat wearing on your bodies...praying that you are given everything you need. thinking of you daily! love-deb